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The Last Bodyguard

By Sean Black

  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Books, Hard-Boiled
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In the latest action-packed thriller from the award-winning novelist who writes with ‘the pace of Lee Child, and the heart of Harlan Coben,’ ex-military bodyguard Ryan Lock plunges into the nightmare world of sex trafficking.
When fourteen-year-old Kristin Miller goes missing from her quiet home in the San Fernando Valley, her desperate family turn to ex-military bodyguard, Ryan Lock. Along with his partner, Marine Corps veteran Ty Johnson, Lock sets out on a journey that takes him deep into a dark, disturbing and violent world, where young women are selected, groomed and then exploited by ruthless predators.
With law enforcement’s hands tied, Lock dispenses his own brand of street justice as he tracks down Kristin, taking revenge on anyone who stands in his way. Can he get to her before it’s too late?


  • The Last Bodyguard

    By Iglooite
    The world of sex trafficking. So very real, but we think it’s far away from us. We can’t imagine the horrors of knowing what a child goes through when forced into sex slavery, then imagine that it’s happening to your very own child. The shy little girl who is too trusting. Where is she? What are they doing to her? Will she be found? Ryan Lock is hired by a Mother and Grandfather to find a very young and pretty girl. Ryan, who doesn’t shock easily, is shocked by the depraved human beings who do this to children. With our very own border crisis, the cartels and coyotes are trafficking children from Mexico and South America, but this is also happening in our very own country too. I have a Niece who experienced this and she’s never been the same. In The Last Bodyguard, Ryan Lock’s is in a race to find this girl before they completely destroy her. This is a book that made me cry. Read The Last Bodyguard. Though it’s fiction, it really isn’t.