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The Boss

By Melanie Moreland

  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Books, Romance, Short Stories, Contemporary, Suspense
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Men of Hidden Justice
Because love can bleed into the darkest heart


Terrified and on the run, I was lost.

He found me.

I witnessed his crime and he gave me a choice.

Marriage or death.

I never expected to love him.

But the choices were never really mine.

Could this avenging angel of death ever love me back?

His touch consumed me.

Did my heart stand a chance?

Previously published on Verve Romance and in Take Me To Bed Collection. New added content for a complete romantic suspense experience.


  • Sexy & mysterious

    By eladiolymari
    Really enjoyed the vigilante aspect of this book, as well as the mystery surrounding Matteo and his family. I fell for his quiet and reserved manner, which is understandable considering what he sees on a regular basis. It was so sweet to read about him opening up to Evie and realizing what he truly wanted his future to look like. I thought Evie’s character growth was amazing and really liked how she came out of her shell. The secondary characters were all great and contributed so much to the story. I thought the dialogue was a little formal, but this was still a highly enjoyable read. *I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
  • Complex and riveting

    By Cheryl33610
    The Boss is only my second book by Melanie Moreland, and it’s very different from my first. Matteo and Evie’s story is darker, but no less steamy, page-turning or heartwarming than her previous reads. Matteo rescues Evie from a dangerous and frightening situation, but considering what she witnesses, she might just be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Matteo is intense and very intimidating at first, a man who works for a shadow organization who has seen and done things most people can’t imagine. Evie brings some light into his world, but his overprotectiveness can be stifling. This couple is so interesting, definitely opposites in many ways, but very similar at their core. My only wish was for a little bit more background into Matteo’s work. We find out why he does it, but I want to know the origin behind the company. I guess since this is book one in a new series, we’ll most likely get those chances in a subsequent book. I can’t wait to read more! 4.5 stars
  • What can I say about the book other than READ THIS BOOK!!!

    By myownbookshelves
    Matteo was all the alpha protective goodness we love in our romantic heroes. Evie was the heroine allowed to blossom and find her foot with a man who sees her as his life equal. Men of Hidden Justice - oh YES!! They are protective, possessive going to do whatever to protect what is theirs. Yup give me a case of the swoons. Matteo is a driven, unforgiving white hat shooting up bad guys in the black hat world. He is not without faults which makes him the perfect bad boy to love for me. Evie - girl you just cannot catch a break. You run from one bad circumstance right into the arms of a dark angel. But wow - you show your inner strength by right off the bat calling destiny in your own hands. From there, we watch you grow from cautionary to strong. Things I loved: - Well written, had fantastic pacing, devoured in a day Here is the thing - It ticks all the boxes in my romantic suspense needs. It is more The Wire and less Castle. 
 I can tell you - Matteo and Evie bring once again an exceptional-paced story, different from contemporary romance with a thread of peril each spun in only a way Melanie Moreland can make romantic suspense accessible.