mooloolaba triathlon

I’ve been training for triathlons for the last six years.  I’ve always tried to stay reasonably fit but when I started training I was around 15kg heavier (I’m only 5’8″) and couldn’t run 15mins without struggling to walk down stairs the next day.  So what have I learned in six years?



1)  Consistency is the key. It’s a cliche but it’s the truth.  Consistent training over a period of years reaps tremendous rewards.

2)  It takes time. Don’t expect to be challenging for the lead a few weeks after you’ve started training if you’re 15kg overweight and have done nothing except sit at the computer for the last 10 years.

3)  JFT “Just F#*%ing Train”. What you do in training is a whole lot less important than finding the hours in your week to just get out the door and train.  There are no “secret workouts”.

4)  Focus on your weakness.  If you really suck at one particular discipline then it pays to focus on that and slowly build it up to match the others over a period of years.  For a lot of people that’s swimming for me it was running.

5)  Find some balance. Focusing on anything to the exclusion of everything else isn’t healthy or sustainable in the longer term.  Make sure you don’t get carried away with the training and remember to balance the training with your family, social and work commitments.



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