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Start now – ChrisMoloney.com

Start now

‘The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.’ – Gustave Flaubert

I’ve been thinking for a while about starting a blog on my personal domain here at chrismoloney.com.  I get a great deal of value from a variety of blogs on a number of topics and I’ve often wondered whether I could offer something of value as well.  My hesitance to start has mainly revolved around indecision on what to write about and self-doubt as to whether anyone would find anything I’d have to say worth reading.

There is of course no way of knowing unless I start and see what happens.  Rather than trying to decide in advance what I’ll find interesting to write about and what people will be interested in reading I’ve decided to just start writing and see what comes out.  I can always delete anything that’s too embarrassingly awful to see the light of day.

Potential blog posts on topics that interest me (at the moment) include the following:

  • Finance and investing
  • Economics
  • Technology
  • Health and fitness
  • How to live life

Let’s start and see what happens 🙂