New Year 2024

Welcome to 2024.

New Year’s Eve

We had a couple of friends stay with us at the beach for New Year’s which was great. None of us made it till midnight but still, good food, good wine and good friends to bring in the new year.

Looking forward

The start of a new year is always a time to reset and look forward … what would I like to do this year? Not so much definite goals or objects but more in terms of what do I think I need to do more of / less of and what actions do I need to take now to implement those changes.


  • Trading – I need to focus a LOT more on my trading this year. I was somewhat distracted last year starting my One BA consulting business so this is the year to focus back on my trading.
  • Personal projects – there’s a lot happening on the web with no-code and AI and I’d like to do more experimenting with that.


  • Worrying about things that are out of my control and / or may never happen.
  • Alcohol during the week


  • Exercise – I had a pretty good second half of the year with exercise and got into good routine. It would be good to keep that going.
  • Finances – 2023 was a solid year, it would be good to keep that momentum going into 2024.


After a pretty wild couple of years there feels like there’s bit more optimism generally for 2024. As always it’s impossible to predict what might happen over the next 52 weeks but heading into the start of the year things seem more positive than they have been in a while.

I read a good post this morning by Howard Lindzon calling 2024 a Festivus For The Optimists – I like that 🙂

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