Author: chrism

Dry January

Dry January Every year for the last four (maybe five?) years we have done Dry January or “Joyless January” as Bec likes to call it. We usually go from 2nd January through to my birthday on the 10th February – so technically January and a bit. Although I do it begrudgingly and annoyingly suggest opening […]

Predictions 2024

It’s Difficult to Make Predictions, Especially About the Future First week back and it seems everyone is saturating the news, Twitter/X and their newsletters with 2024 outlooks and predictons together with admissions that nearly everyone got 2023 very wrong. The key thoughts for me are: The last three years are surely a reminder that absolutely […]

New Year 2024

Welcome to 2024. New Year’s Eve We had a couple of friends stay with us at the beach for New Year’s which was great. None of us made it till midnight but still, good food, good wine and good friends to bring in the new year. Looking forward The start of a new year is […]